Made in japan

Fabric that Japan is proud of.


There are special products unique to the land in each region of Japan.  Vegetables, fruits and plants were grown according to the climate of each area, and there are fabrics bred by the land in the same way. 

We made original clothes using fabric that celebrates the heritage of each region of Japan.  From Edo (Tokyo), Kibi (Hiroshima), and Oshu (Aichi), the clothes are rooted in the everyday lives of the people. 

Unique materials were born from traditional customs and with the identity of the people of Japan.  Each piece in this collection was produced with Japanese craftmanship, with an eye for each detail. 

This collection was crafted and tailored with precision, with the intention that each piece would become a timeless piece of your wardrobe.  The finest materials and the highest quality of production allow only the best products to wear the label ‘Made in Japan.’




Kibi no koromo is clothing designed using traditional Japanese techniques, paying homage to our Japanese heritage. 

From Kibi Province, an ancient area of Japan where Okayama Prefecture now lies, comes Japanese artistry.  ‘Kibi no kuni’ or the ‘Kingdom of Kibi’ as it was known in ancient Japan, was the birthplace of techniques such as Bizen ceramic making using traditional Japanese kilns.  The processes have been passed down from each generation, and now artists in the region teach the world-renowned art of Japanese indigo dyeing. 

Craftsmen create new works honoring vintage Japanese processes, giving this new MB brand a special charm only made here in Japan. 

The fabric is carefully dyed one-by-one, giving the linen a soft texture and color.  New, original colors created for Tiara will give you a self-confidence each and every time you slip on your favorite piece. 

The natural wrinkles of linen and gentle touch exude a relaxed feel and exquisite comfort to each piece made here in Japan. 

Each piece is carefully dyed, dried, and crafted with special attention.




[ Fabric by BISHU ]

MB’s wool is made right here in Japan in what was once known as Bishu, now known as the area including Aichi and Gifu Prefectures.  Bishu is blessed with the rich natural environment surrounding the Kiso River basin and has evolved into a major production area of fibers, including silk, cotton, wool, and hemp.  The rise of textile production is said to come from the abundant, rich waters of the Kiso River.  The Bishu region brings each step of production together, from making the yarn and fabric to weaving, knitting, and finally using time-honored techniques to make beautiful finished products.  Nearly 80% of woolen fabrics made in Japan come from the Bishu region. 



Azuma’s manufacturing and dyeing techniques combine Japanese tradition with modern fabrics and design.  The result is a marriage of old and new Japan.  Traditional processes use the highest quality fabrics to produce classic, stylish clothes that feel as comfortable as they look. 

“Sofa Linen”

Fine count linen carefully dyed individually from MB’s Azuma collection.    

Compared to modern techniques, Azuma uses a traditional process that slowly dyes each garment.  Each piece is then sun-dried to achieve a perfect muted color.  Linen’s cool, casual, rumpled look blends perfectly with natural colors from Azuma’s Made in Japan collection.