• Company Name   /  Lelin, Incorporated

  • Address   /   3-28-6 Kashiwacho-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo, 190-0004

  • Established   /   1 january 2021

  • Founded   /   5 September 1987

  • Capital    /  1 Million

  • CEO  /   Koji Takahashi

  • Employees   /   Approximately 50

  • Banks /

    Risona Bank – Kinshityo Branch
    Sumishin SBINet bank –Hojindaiichi Branch

  • Business Details /

Original planning and design, manufacturing, sales (home décor and lifestyle products, women’s apparel and  accessories, leather goods, original handmade art/home creations, wholesale/retail business, e-commerce


Company Timeline:

1987: ‘Les Chiffons’ founded as Tiara’s first store – a shop of apparel, home décor and cosmetics.

1993: Opens new store in Akishima

1996: Begins wholesale business

1997: Opens new store in Tamagawa Jousui

2002: Tiara changes it organizational structure and introduces IPO

2005: Launches women’s apparel line ‘Chou Chou de maman’

2006: Opens new store in Shintokorozawa

2007: Opens first online shop

2008: Opens new store in Koshigaya

2009: Launches new ‘arome de muguet’ line

2009: Establishes St. Etche Co., Ltd. as new sales division.

2010: Opens new store in Omotesando

2011: Opens new Nenil store in Futako Tamagawa

2011: Opens new Nenil store in Tachikawa

2011: Tiara officially transitions to Ruban de Tiara

2012: Opens new Ruban de Tiara store in Kichijoji

2013: Opens new Nenil mon Passage store in Yokohama

2013: Launches new ‘MB (Marques de Brodeuses)’ line

2013: Opens new Makuhari Nenil store

2014: Opens new Nagareyama Ootakanomori Nenil store

2015: Launches new collaboration with France Bed, in partnership with opening of new Tachikawa store ‘Amimoon.’

2016: Launches new line ‘AO’ line featuring handmade, unique artisan creations

2018: Launches new ‘Colorium’ personal color line of knitwear, scarves, etc.

2018: Launches new English and Chinese versions of website and catalogs

2021:It changed the company’s name to Lelin inc



Shop List:

Nenil Nagareyama Otakanomori (Chiba Prefecture)

Nagareyama Otakanomori Shopping Mall, Second Floor

6 Chome-185-2 Nishihatsuishi, Nagareyama, Chiba Prefecture 270-0121


Nenil Tachikawa (West Tokyo)

Granduo Department Store, Sixth Floor (Adjacent to Tachikawa Train Station)

3 Chome-2-1 Shibasakicho, Tachikawa, Tokyo 190-0023


Nenil Mon Passage Yokohama

Yokohama Bay Quarter Shopping Mall, Third Floor

10 Kinkocho, Kanagawa Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 221-0056


Ruban de Tiara Makuhari (Chiba Prefecture)

Aeon Mall Makuhari (Grand Mall, First Floor)

1-1 Toyosuna, Mihama Ward, Chiba, Chiba Prefecture 261-8535


Ruban de Tiara Shintokorozawa (Saitama Prefecture)

Shintokorozawa Parco Shopping Mall, Second Floor

1-2-1 Midoricho Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture