“Le voyage pour trouver mon propre style”

Enjoy life with curiosity and travels. Carry the things you treasure with you, and let MB reflect your personal style. With a simple design and natural materials, MB clothing conforms to your style, giving you superior quality and comfortable apparel to wear on your journeys.



Chou Chou de maman:

Cozy Luxe

Clothes you want to wear every day. With attention to materials, texture, and comfort, Chou Chou will become an important part of your personal style. From design to the small details that go into each piece, Chou Chou de maman clothing exudes a relaxed, comfortable style.


arome de Muguet:

Leather shoes, bags, and accessories that feel like you’ve owned them for years. Arome’s products are timeless, yet age gracefully, like fine antiques. Japanese craftsmanship plays an important role in everything Arome de Muguet creates.


Ruban de Tiara:

Handmade products for the special people in your life.

Ruban de Tiara’s handcrafted goods add beautiful moments to your everyday life.


B o t a n i f o l k

Skincare products with botanical power

We focus on phytotherapy, which is about using the botanical power to cure and sustains the natural beauty.

Botanifolk uses 100% natural materials.

We only use high-quality materials that are edible.


Personal color products that highlight your natural beauty. Colorium’s knits and scarves are crafted just for you, to accentuate your skin tone and bring out your own personal color.

Colorium personal style consultants help you determine your color and season: spring, summer, autumn, or winter. Colorium personal style consultants will help you find the colors that blend perfectly with your skin type and natural tone. Colorium makes it easy to shop for the products you love that fit your beauty perfectly.



AO crafts perfectly unique items for your home or office. Using driftwood collected by hand from the sea here in Japan, AO’s craftsmen make distinct gifts to bring beauty to your living space. No two products are ever alike, giving you a uniquely beautiful creation reflecting our Japanese heritage.